Why should use magento video extension

As an e-commerce company, convey information indetail, clarity of the product to the customer is very important, so make your magento video extension do this now.

Here are a few things to explain “Why use video magento extendsion”:

  • Allow¬†admin to add video(s) to ordinary product images view.
  • Allow admin to use embedded videos from youtube, other video sharing sites
  • Admin can easily upload/edit/delete video files with available fields on the product uploading form.


  • Admin can enable/ disable zoom image function. If admin enables zoom image function, customers can zoom images at front-end and see details of the product a lot better.
  • Admin can use product video extensions for multiple stores in one Magento installation

Magento product video expansion keeps your site dependably overhauled. Item recordings can be effectively included and appraised, so there’s continually something new about the item. A consistent new stream of new recordings gives an air of novelty regardless of the possibility that nothing else changes


>How to add video for magento product page

>Important Tips for Effective Product Pages in Magento




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