Magento 2 – Mega Menu

For any website, menu is always played essential role in it, especially the top menu.


There are categories of product and services, contact information on it as well. Furthermore, customers often view this most. One of the most important parts of a website is main menu.

In the main menu, which consists of all necessary information and navigate the users to site’ major pages, can show all categories or whatever content on a mouse-over without experiencing awkward steps. Magento 2 – Mega Menu is created and improved to permit both user and administrator manage easily all data of a Magento site, for example: c categories, products, text contents, pictures, video…


  •  Select categories or sub-categories to show on main menu
  • Permit to limit sub-categories and level of category on one menu.
  • Permit and refuse which category to show inside of the dropdown menu
  • Allow to show whatever substance group inside of the dropdown menu, for example, pictures, video, flash,…
  • Add static substance to show in accordance with the rundown of sub-menus
  • Permit to assign out menu’s thing to various stores


  • Visualize your website with the best sitemap right on the main navigation
  • Recognized featured categories, products easily for visitors
  • Good for vistors to discover the data they require on the primary navigation
  • Install, and upgrade easily
  • HTML/CSS and W3C acceptance
  • Friendly and flexible configuration
  • Cross-browsers compatibility





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