Slider Revolution Magento 2

Slider revolution magento 2 advantages

Slider is the most attractive position of the site where you can show the best thing of your website to draw and impress your customer.


Understanding that important point, we created an extension named Slider revolution. Slider revolution is an innovative, responsive plugin that allows for showing any kind of content with easy to customize  styles, transitions, effects and animations.

Slider revolution (SR) brings a lot of benefits. In general, it is easy to install SR to your Magento size. SR also has different slide transition and user-friendly slider management. You can add unlimited sliders and images with fully responsive and mobile specific feature.

Here is some significant features of slider revolution:


  • Ability add image background or video background for slide
  • Slide fullwidth, boxed or fullscreen
  • Ability add custom id, class for slide
  • Multiple transition type

Slide Navigation

  • Bullet, Button, Thumbnail Navigation
  • Mobile Touch Enabled
  • Stop Slide Timer on Hover Function
  • Video Playback stops Timer
  • Auto-Hiding of Navigation with Delay Option
  • Optional Countdown Timer Line
  • Set the Position of Time Line
  • Set Size and Number of Visible Thumbs
  • Hide / Enable Navigation on Mobile Devices


  • Transition Builder: Huge Number of Possible Transitions
  • Set Start / End Time and Speed of Captions
  • Separate In / Out Transitions with Rotation, Scale, Skew, Opacity, Perspective, etc.
  • Add Unlimited Number of Captions
  • Youtube, Vimeo, Self-Hosted HTML5 Videos as Caption
  • Set link per Captions
  • Option to Link to a Specific Slide via Caption
  • Variable Caption Image Size
  • Option to Hide Captions on Mobile Devices

Slide Transitions

  • Easy Caption Alignment
  • Huge Variety of Basic, Flat, 3D Transitions
  • Customizable Transition Speed (Individual / Global

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