Product video extension : The Most Powerful Weapon in the online marketing technique

If a picture is worth a thousand words then what is video’s value?We are a visual society. The more content migrates to mobile devices, the more we become interested in visual mediums. That’s why video is quickly becoming one of the most important weapons in the online marketing technique.  In this post, we will help you by providing the power of video to your site when you use product video extension.


Brand Build

Video is more than just a face and a camera. It is an opportunity for brands to create visceral, culturally impactful content that aligns with the thoughts, hopes, dreams and needs of their consumers. Nothing can help you brand effective as video. Videos allow the service provider to build a rapport with their visitors

Going Viral

Video is quickly becoming the preferred medium to communicate true, human emotion. . It is so easy for videos on your site to spread and pass along to others. In general, when one person watches a video about products, services and they feel it is so interesting, helpful they will share that video for their family members, friends, etc. That sharing act is more obvious when social media

Effective SEO

Google fall in love with video and videos. This love does not come from the subjective feelings of people operating Google; it results from the demands of Internet users. It is the reason why when you type a keyword, video result is always prioritized to put on the top of page.

Amazing Promotion 

Video is always more dynamic than text because of it is the mix of text, image, sounds, music, etc. Therefore, it can be increased far much higher, can impress visitors stronger. Let’s take a small test on your site by adding a video on your homepage, we beg that the “stickiness” of your website will be increase amazingly; it will equal the average amount of time visitors spend on your site. Remember that video can capture customers’ attention faster and keep them on your site longer than text.

Fast Speed

Video also offers another benefit to marketers: Speed. “Video is about living in real time. Things are happening so fast, the message is always changing. Video offers easier access to emerging influencers. As YouTube content producers grow in popularity, so do brands’ opportunities to partner with them

You see the common benefits of video, but how you can apply videos and make them benefit your business always challenge your ability. We can help you to solve this problem by suppling you a product called Product video extension. It is developed to give to various feature for Magento websites not only add a video to a Magento product page ,but so allow admin to embed or share videos on Yotube and other video sharing sites.

Allow admin to upload video files for products from computer’s library. You can upload video files in *.flv or *.mp4. Allow admin to use embedded videos from youtube, vimeo or other video sharing sites  When customers click on videos, it will show a nice light box with a slideshow for videos. Thumbnail images can be shown in the slider.

We just gave you the whole picture related to what is Product video extension and why you should choose it. If you want to see more in detail or Live Demo. Please visit Magesolution store. 


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