Great Banner Magento 2 extension !

Magesolution is among the first to provide you with new extensions compatible with Magento 2! Recurrently, We has updated Banner extension for Magento 2. Come on and let’s dive into the world of new features in Banner Magento 2 extension

To know about what Magento 2 changes, you can read this blog post.

Recently we updated Banners Slider Extension for Magento 2.0. This version have totally improved user-friendly interface and support  impressive banner effects allow you style store most professionally !

Banner Magento 2 extension is one of the most effective tools to attract the customers to your store. The simple extension allow you to add  banner with nice effect to make your store catchy and more inviting. Banner Magento 2 also built to keep banners and blocks management easy, fast and flexible.

The demo is worth thousands of words, so please click on the demo links below & discover by yourself !

banner magento 2 extension.jpg


How do you think about our new Banner Magento 2 extension? So cool, right?  We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments! and keep in touch with new our Magento 2 extension and Magento 2 themes !



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